Curio – A 2-Page Adventure for Call of Cthulhu

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The funeral takes place on a rainy summer afternoon in June 1925. You pay respects to Minerva Fortescue, obscure occultist and long-retired emerita of your secret society. She was privy to many mysteries, their nature passing with her as she left this life. But your Order asks you to take on an onerous and unenviable assignment: to sift through inventory from her long-shuttered antique shop. What trinkets and treasures and terrors will you find, and in whose hands are they best kept?

A closed vintage suitcase
An unassuming suitcase

In this two-page one-shot adventure in easy-to-absorb pamphlet format, playable in a single session by two or more players, investigators must delve into the mysteries left behind by an aged but mysterious adventuress. A search through the fantastic and dangerous esoterica left behind in her antique shop, as well as a dark entity inadvertently released within the headquarters of their secret society, leads to an otherworldly conflict that may claim and shatter their minds and lives.

A preview image of a PDF for a published Call of Cthulhu adventure called Curio
A 2-page adventure

Suitable for experienced Call of Cthulhu Keepers who want to run the adventure in their home games or at conventions.

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