Certifiable — A Training Exercise for Rivers of London: The Roleplaying Game — FREE!

Thumbnail images of the pages of the PDF for Certifiable.
Thumbnail images of the pages of the PDF for Certifiable.
I created a downtime training exercise for my players called “Certifiable” that they can enjoy and work through on their own time. It is almost a play-by-post setup — I assign them a sequence of dice rolls that help them work through research, a chase, a combat, and an interview / interrogation. If they succeed well enough, they get some rewards! I run it via Roll20, but it could just as easily work on Discord, a group chat, or email.
Here’s the description:
Investigators, your training as part of the Special Assessment Unit never ends, it merely pauses. DCI Nightingale has notified you that you’ll be run through the wringer and evaluated on some basic competencies. He’s designed a set of exercises to take place over a 24-hour period to simulate a real investigation. He’s faked an impending crime, planted clues to follow, and solicited helpers to play parts as informants or criminals who may try to evade you, fight you, and thwart you. Your goal is to succeed in finding and stopping a dangerous incident in the making. Will you be in time?
It’s free to download, so here’s the link to the Certifiable PDF. Enjoy!