Curio – A 2-Page Adventure for Call of Cthulhu

Now available at! The funeral takes place on a rainy summer afternoon in June 1925. You pay respects to Minerva Fortescue, obscure occultist and long-retired emerita of your secret society. She was privy to many mysteries, their nature passing with her as she left this life. But your Order asks you to take on […]
The Upper Floor of the Barnaker House

Playing The Dare from Sentinel Hill Press? How About Some Maps?

Hello, Gamemasters! I have been inspired by The Dare, written by Kevin A. Ross and published by Sentinel Hill Press. I have heard it is a favorite one-shot, especially for Halloween, and the 1980s setting certainly conjures memories for those of a certain vintage, which includes me. It’s a bit of a refreshing change from […]

Dissonance – A 1-Page 1920s Adventure for Call of Cthulhu

Convalescence, my first Call of Cthulhu scenario, was a labor of love (and Lovecraft) and the focus of my first effort as part of the RPG Writer’s Workshop from Storytelling Collective. After quite a few successful outings as a Keeper — I mean, I survived them, and isn’t that the important thing? — it was […]